Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Changelog 2019-10-02 - Five Fixes

Fixes For The New Funko Shop

With the merge of and, Funko originally had their pop up shop items as being listed on the funko shop exclusives page. However, they then made a change such that the pop up shop items would only appear under "all products" before eventually being moved over to the funko shop exclusives page. I've changed the script to monitor the more generic page now. This means it will pick up the random items that get added there that are not store exclusives, but it is a small sacrifice for accuracy.

GameStop Covers PreOrders

Originally, the regex for gamestop's site detected if an item was "available" or "not available." However, "not available" items included items for preorder which are absolutely available in my book. A change was made to say "if an item is not available, check and make sure it has no field for 'expected date'." This ensures that anything that is not available but has an expected date gets picked up as something to be preordered. 

Disabled Reddit Posting for the UK Scraper

RegExrBotUK has been decommissioned for the time being. It is pretty noisy and can be considered spam with how it often posts half a dozen items in a row to the sub. I've disabled reddit posting but kept twitter posting so the alerts are still available there.

Blog Scraper Tries Three Times to Get Images From the Blog

The blog scraper used to give up if it could not find images on the funko blog post after one try. However, this is usually just a failure to load the images right away. Having the scraper try three times before giving up helps ensure that we are actually unable to get images and not just encountering a flaky issue. This increases the number of times we'll make posts with a full roster of images from the blog.

Compiled Images No Longer Have Green Background

Images scraped from the Funko blog and compiled ran into an issue where they would have a green background rather than the correct transparent background. Switching the image style from RGB to RGBA fixed this issue and now all compiled images will appear as intended.

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