Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Changelog 2019-09-04 - Five Fixes

Funko Shop Detects Out Of Stock Items

Funko items (specifically on their retailer exclusives page) will go out of stock but not be removed from the search results. We now specifically check if an item is out of stock via the search page before asserting that it is in stock and alerting on it/updating the database with the entry. This will improve reliability of restock alerts for the Funko Shop (both true exclusives and retailer exclusives).

GameStop Covers More Items

GameStop has an option to filter on "Only at GameStop" when searching for items. This seemed like a great way to filter out items we don't care about. However, not every item that is exclusive to GameStop has this attribute attached to it, so filtering by it forced the scraper to miss some exclusive items. We now instead search for "Funko Only at GameStop" rather than just "Funko" and using the filter to ensure that we are getting all of the items that are truly GameStop exclusives.

Performance Improvements

Removed some duplicate calls to resetting sessions when browser spoofing as this was consuming more resources that required and would cause time outs on occasion. This also speeds up the average execution time for stores that require browser spoofing.

Blog Scraper Picks Up More Images Plus Bug Fixes

The blog scraper was inconsistent with its image finding as Funko added yet another domain for their images to be hosted. I edited the RegEx to accommodate for this. I also made it easier for me to debug issues with the scraper by always having it generate a compilation image, even in test mode. However, this introduced a bug where, if no image was found, nothing would be posted to Reddit/Twitter/Discord. A quick change fixed this issue so now everything is working as expected.

Discord Updates

Links are posted to Discord as well as Twitter and Reddit for people who subscribe to the RegExr Patreon. I have since made significant improvements to how the links look when posted to Discord, including adding various buttons such as "add to wishlist" etc...

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