Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Changelog 2019-07-16 - Four Fixes

shop.funko.com scraper now ignores OOS items

Previously, it was assumed that shop.funko.com would not display items that are OOS. However, because they are, we were not alarming on restocks. Changing the regex to account for OOS messages allows us to properly alert on restocks.

Blog scraper now accounts for png and jpg

The Funko blog used to only post png images. Now, we have seen blogs that include both jpg and png, so the regex needed to change to accommodate for both file types.

Gamestop now alarms on new-in-stock items

Similar to how when an item is first seen on Hot Topic's website, any new item, exclusive or otherwise, will be sent to @FunkoRelease on twitter in addition to being automatically added to preorder threads, if applicable. This was done by finding a few pages that give good coverage of items that are just added to Gamestop's site and scraping those pages.

Hot Topic/Box Lunch alerts should now show stock numbers for some items

Hot Topic used to give more detailed information about stock numbers but now it only shows how many are left if that number is fewer than 10. Changed some regex to pick up that number if it exists. 

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