Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Changelog 2019-06-19 - One Fix

Old blog posts will no longer be alerted upon

Due to the change documented in this blog post, I had to edit the way the database stored blog posts that have already been seen. Given this format change, I was not able to easily backfill the database with all of the old blog posts I had already alerted upon. I was content to assume that old blog posts would not make it to the front page of too often and any old ones that come up could be swiftly deleted.

However, recently, about a dozen old posts came up and were alerted upon. This, of course, makes for a poor user experience. I decided to find a way to truly backfill the database. After some thinking, I was able to figure out how to backfill with the data I had and added 802 old entries to the new database.

Moving forward, we should no longer see old blog posts being alerted upon as new blog posts. It is possible that one or two slip through, but for the most part, this should never happen again.

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