Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Changelog 2019-06-12 - Two Fixes

@FunkoGS added "Limited Edition" added as a keyword

Gamestop traditionally uses the phrases "exclusive" and "Only at Gamestop" as a way to describe their exclusive items which is what @FunkoGS wants to alert on. However, the recent E3 exclusive pops used the phrase "limited edition" which my scrapers were not prepared for. A quick change to the code by adding a new URL to watch fixes this problem and ensures that all future E3 drops, as well as restocks, will be caught by the scraper and posted to @FunkoGS and r/FunkoPop

Hot Topic and Box Lunch alert on entire inventory again

Recent changes to Hot Topic's and Box Lunch's websites made it such that URL parameters could not be set by the user. Previously, I could set "sz=1000" in the url and it would return every item Hot Topic or Box Lunch has to offer. With the change, this just caused it to default to 120 items which is about 1/7 of their entire inventory, so not everything was being alerted on. The fix was to add multiple URLs to parse rather than one URL with every item on the page, so all Hot Topic and Box Lunch items should be properly alerted on going forward.

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