Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Changelog 2019-05-15 - One Fix

Blog Scraper will no longer post smaller resolution images to reddit

When a Funko blog post only contains one image, that image is directly linked to reddit rather than creating a compilation image, uploading it to imgur, and linking the imgur url to reddit. Some of these images contain "_large" in their urls. Shopify automatically appends this label to images in their CDN, along with "_small", "_medium", and no label. No label is the largest resolution and the other resolutions will always be a constant size. Funko displays the "_large" image on their sites, so be removing the label, we will always post thee largest resolution image possible to reddit. This also has the added benefit of (hopefully) silencing the "MaxImageBot" that comments on the News posts with links to the larger resolution images.

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